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This Product Is Genuine

Sometimes people like to duplicate our products, so we came up with a way to ensure your MuscleX product is authentic!



We take pride in the quality of our products, so we’ve taken the steps to ensure you’re getting the high-quality that you’ve come to expect from MuscleX. We’re committed to fighting against counterfeiting, diversion and the refilling of original MuscleX products.

We want our consumers to have the confidence that the product they’ve purchased is verified and authentic. In order to do this, we use SURYS’ breakthrough integrated system. This is an industry-leading technology that allows us to track the authenticity of a product, and we’re the first company on the market to use it. which uses an optical chip that prevents product tampering and incorporates digital security features that securely connect any product to the digital world.

If you’re concerned about the authenticity of your MuscleX product, follow the steps below to verify.

Step 1 :scan QR code provided on

Step 2 : GO to Our website & verify Product. 

if you have any problem call : 91-7490008022

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